Desserts and Souffles

dessertsandsouffles Savor the sweetness of life

Desserts demand no explanation. They are an occasion in itself. Not just after dinner, a delicious dessert can be desired just about any time of the day. So whenever you are looking to sweeten up, just walk into Country Oven and get seduced by a range that's as tantalizing as it's tempting.

So go slurping with our vivid varieties of desserts including pineapple, chocolate, fresh fruit delight, caramel custard, trifle pudding, mango pool and so on.


When it is about eating light and sweet after a meal, what's better than Souffle!

Primarily, a French food invention, our skilled chefs at Country Oven have mastered the art of making Souffle. The cushion-soft, delicate dessert is an ideal way to close a meal at Country Oven. A sumptuous sweet, it is served straight from the oven. For choice, our inventive chefs have come up with every possible combination - from chocolate version to cake-like adaptations and so on.